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Dies und Jenes

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KEYBOARD magazine hat es geschafft, die ehemaligen Bandkollegen Roger Waters und Richard Wright zum Interview zu überreden:

KB: "Now Roger, could you tell me why you don`t like this gentleman?"
Roger: "He can`t play."
Richard: "But you can`t play, too!"
Roger: "I never wanted to be good."
KB: "Never?"
Roger: "Ahh, long ago I wanted. But then I began to write lyrics. Another thing Richard can`t do. With Dave it`s the same."
Richard (takes his pills): "You stupid..."
KB: "Hold! Richard, why did you take so much drugs?"
Richard: "Because Roger got me there. He didn`t like my songs."
Roger: "They were rubbish. Just listen to 'Paintbox' or 'Summer Of `69'!"
Richard: "But you liked 'Burning bridges'!"
Roger: "I pretented to like it. We had to finish that album. Probably I should have done it alone."
Richard: "Like 'The Body' or 'When The Wind Blows'? Hahaha!"
Roger: "Look at your own 'Wet Dream' and stop your idiotic laughter! Who has written 'The Wall' - you or me?"
KB: "Please be patient!"
Richard: "You did not allow me to write something for 'Animals' or 'The Wall'!"
Roger: "Better it was! Just listen to 'Paintbox' or 'Summer Of `69'!"
KB: "Don`t repeat yourself, Roger."
Richard: "He always does this. Look at his albums: Part One, Two, Three - always the same music."
Roger: "You don`t understand good concepts. You`re bloody lazy."
KB: "What about a reunion-tour in the future?"
David Gilmour jumps in: "Not as long as I am living!!!"
(kills all three of them and steals Roger`s latest lyrics which he has in his jacket, then runs away...)

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