What videos can I find of Pink Floyd?

In addition to what's listed, the music of Pink Floyd and its members has appeared in several feature films and TV shows of various availability (All My Loving, Music Power, Stamping Ground, Rock 'n Roll--The Greatest Years: 1967, San Francisco, and Rock City), and members of the group have made several guest appearances at concerts (Live Aid, Deep End, Amnesty International Big 30, The Secret Policeman's Third Ball, Columbian Volcano Concert, Seville, Walden Woods benefit show, etc.), some of which are available. David Gilmour also did the soundtrack for a BBC show called ``The Art of Tripping,'' produced by Storm Thorgerson, as well as for ``Colours of Infinity'' by Arthur C Clarke about fractals.

There have also been a bunch of other short ``cameos'' like Gilmour on Pop Quiz (several occasions), Saturday Night Live (12dec87), French & Saunders (19apr90) and Ruby Wax (Ruby Takes A Trip [31dec91]). And music from Pink Floyd is used frequently as unofficial ``incidentals'' on TV shows, news programs, and feature films.

A good list of TV appearances appeared in Record Collector magazine. For a copy of this list, send the commands

   send tv-video echoes

to the address ``echoserv@fawnya.meddle.org''

"Concert Videos and Official Floyd/Solo Releases"

"Feature Films"

[ ] 04.3 ``Promotional/MTV videos and other 'shorts'''

First, a list of official promotional videos:

There are also several rare, rather short official film clips of interest. One is ``Syd Barrett's First Trip,'' and is a short 8mm film of just that. It was taken by Nigel Gordon, a student friend of Syd's. Another is a recording of the Floyd outside Abbey Road Studios in April 1967, after signing their first EMI recording contract. These were released together in a limited edition. There was also a short promotional film for Gilmour's first solo album, featuring him in the studio performing ``No Way,'' ``There's No Way Out Of Here,'' ``I Can't Breathe Anymore,'' and ``So Far Away.''

Worthy of mention here was the Floyd's plan to score an animated series called ``Rollo'' in 1970. The series was to be about the adventures of Rollo, a young boy, who accompanies ``Professor Creator'' on quests for rare animals to stock an intergalactic zoo. A pilot show was made, featuring some old Floyd music, but the high-quality animations that were to be the hallmark of the series made the cost too prohibitive, and it was canceled.

Finally, there's lots of stuff out there in the non-official markets. A popular example of such material is the ``Video Anthology'' which collects many of the visual works by Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, it is a VoIO, and lacks as much in terms of quality as it does legality. However, here is a listing of bits on the tapes, if only to provide a better idea of what videos Floyd have done. Since these tapes circulate in a variety of track lists, this is simply a listing of what we know was on those tapes in 1995. If you obtain a video anthology, do not be surprised if the tracks on your tape differ from the below list.

Video Anthology Volume 1

   "Arnold Layne" (excerpt from promo)
   "Interstellar Overdrive" (excerpt from Granada TV)
   "Pow R Toc H" (Look of the Week, BBC '67)
   "Astronomy Domine" with Syd and Roger, interview (BBC '67)
   "Interstellar Overdrive" (film of PF in studio, '67)
   "The Scarecrow" (Pathe Newsreel)
   "Apples and Oranges" (American Bandstand, US TV '67)
   "Apples and Oranges" (promo -- the one with Roger lip-synching)
   "See Emily Play" (promo '68)
   "A Saucerful of Secrets" (excerpts from 1968 and mid 70s)
   "Let There Be More Light" (excerpt from promo '68)
   "Flaming" (French TV, Feb. 20, '68)
   "Let There Be More Light" (French TV, Oct. 31, '68)
   "Flaming (French TV, Oct. 31, '68)
   "Astronomy Domine" (promo)
   "The Scarecrow" (promo)
   "Set The Controls..." (Belgian TV, '68)
   "Set The Controls..." (BBC, '68)
   "Point Me At The Sky" (promo)
   "It Would Be So Nice" (live excerpt, '69)
   "Sysyphus" (live excerpt, '69)
   "Atom Heart Mother" (Tokyo)
   "Cymbaline" (KQED Studios 1970)
   "Set The Controls..." (Holland Pop Festival)
   "A Saucerful Of Secrets" (Holland Pop Festival)
   "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" (Australian TV 1971)
   "Set The Controls..." (from "Heart Of The Sun" film -- 1973)
   "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" ("Superstars In Concert" -- 1973)
   "Any Colour You Like" (various clips, early 70s)
   "Brain Damage/Eclipse" (backdrop film -- from MTV Weekend)
   "Welcome To The Machine" (backdrop film -- from MTV Weekend)
   "Pigs On The Wing" (Battersea Power Station)
   "The Happiest Days Of Our Lives" (live in London -- 1980)
   "Another Brick In The Wall, pt.2" (promo)
   "Comfortably Numb" (Nassau Coliseum, NY 1980)
   "Pink Floyd The Wall" (theatrical trailer)
   "When The Tigers Broke Free" (promo)
   "The Gunner's Dream" (from the "Final Cut" video EP)
   "The Final Cut" (same as above)
   "Not Now John" (same as above)
   "The Fletcher Memorial Home" (same as above)
   "Learning To Fly" -- Version #1 (promo)
   "On The Turning Away" (live promo)
   "Dogs Of War" (live promo - from Pink Floyd Weekend, I think)
   "Signs of Life" (excerpt - from Pink Floyd Weekend on MTV)
   "One Slip" (live promo -- Italian TV)
   "On the Run" (Backdrop film, '87)
   "Run Like Hell" (Unreleased live clip, Atlanta, '87)
   "Yet Another Movie" (Live Venice July 15,'89)
   "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" (Knebworth, '90)
   "Take It Back" (Promo, '94)
   "Keep Talking" (live Boston, May 14,'94)
   "High Hopes" (promo,'94)
   "One Of These Days" (from animated film "French Windows")
   "A Collection Of Great Dance Songs" (TV Commercial)
   "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" (US TV AD)
   "Learning To Fly" -- Version #2 (promo)
   "Win A Plane" (MTV contest)

The Pink Floyd Archives has a list of all known (to Vernon at least) videos, both for Pink Floyd and Solo. These include all known live shows. For more information, see the Pink Floyd Archives website at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/PFArchives or contact Vernon by e-mail at PFArchives@compuserv.com.