Some words about tape CD-R trading

The best, cheapest and most enjoyable way of expanding your collection (or even starting your collection) of Pink Floyd and Solo live material is through tape/CD-R trading.

Brian Davis created the Tape Trader's bible, which explains this all much better than we could ever hope to do. The Tape Traders bible can be found at

"What are CD-R/tape trees?" A tape tree is a fast way to spread a show to a large group of people. A (long) document explaining this in more detail is available through echoserv, as tape tree.long

And can be found online at the Essential tape tree home page (, click on the Essential ROIO tree icon)

"What is a tape/CD-R weed?"

A weed is an alternative method of spreading a recording fast through a large number of people, without having the overhead of making a tree structure. Basically the person starting the weed ships a copy of the recording to N people (for free, there is no trade involved) those N people promise to do the same. So they announce on Echoes that they are weeding, and will ship a free copy to the first N people who respond. Those N people in turn will offer free copies to the first N people and so on and so on.