"The Man And The Journey"?

What are "The Man And The Journey"?

[With much help from Adam Winstanley and others]: In fact several concert recordings exist of The Man and The Journey and many people probably possess RoIOs of these pieces without realizing it. The Man and The Journey were two parts of ``More Furious Madness From The Massed Gadgets of Auximines'' and consisted of several well-known Floyd tunes linked into a concept piece as follows:

    PART ONE: THE MAN (representing a day in the life of a man)
    Daybreak  ("Grantchester Meadows")
    Work (Sawing, Hammering in a I<musical> fashion)
    [the band was served afternoon tea on stage at this point]
    Afternoon  ("Biding My Time")
    Doing It (instrumental)  ("Grand Vizier's Garden Party, pt. 3")
    Nightmare  ("Cymbaline")
    Daybreak (reprise)

    The Beginning  ("Green is the Colour")
    Beset By Creatures of the Deep  ("Careful with that Axe, Eugene")
    The Narrow Way  ("The Narrow Way, pt. 3")
    The Pink Jungle  ("Pow R Toc H")
    The Labyrinths of Auximines  ("Moonhead")
    Behold the Temple of Light 
    The End of the Beginning  ("Saucerful of Secrets" -- final part)

The complete piece lasted about 70 minutes.

Do any recordings exist ?

Officially, no. However, the following shows are known to be recorded and are circulating on tape:

"Biding My Time"

There has been some debate as to who actually plays the trumpet during Biding My Time. Conrado Daws and Karl Magnacca settled this by providing the following information:

Rick Wright did, at least during live performances. We have a picture of him playing it in a ``The Man''/``The Journey''-era concert, and, during the trumpet portion of the song, you can hear Roger-esque bass but no keyboard.

(This despite what you might have read in TAP.)

"So who or what is Auximines/Auximenes?"

No one knows. Dave Gilmour said in an interview that it might have been someone from Greek mythology, but he didn't know for sure.

Intrepid Echoesians have searched the 'Net, searched libraries, talked with experts (or at least teachers of ancient Greek) and more, and have come up with nothing solid.

There is a Belgian (mining) company called Auximines.