Why Fawnya ?


In the words of bear

 hi all.
 in the middle of the recovery from the most recent server
    fiasco, somebody ask about why "fawnya.meddle.org" and
    sometimes just "meddle.org" ?
 i don't recall answering, and cannot find orig mail.
 and as it is a faq, here we go...

 in a prior incarnation "fawnya" was the machine on my desk
    and having the name made the mail routing a bit faster.
 the setup is different now, but i still recommend it as i
    might just change back at some point.

 fawnya is also the name of our oldest daughter and, as i
    was sysadmin in the copious spare time :-/ allowed by
    my engineering tasks, i got to dictate the systems naming
    policy: name machines after our kids became the rule.
 so there you have [basically] the whole story.