The Dark Side of the Moon tours (1972-1973)

"When was Dark Side Of The Moon performed for the first time?"

The very first time they played it was on 20 January 1972, at The Dome, Brighton. They had to stop at the opening sound effects of ``Money'' due to technical problems. They played all but ``Eclipse'' the next night -- ``Eclipse'' had yet to be written. In its place, they played a instrumental jazzy song. Roger didn't feel this was a dramatic enough finale, however, and wrote ``Eclipse'' for the Bristol show in early February (the 5th, according to Miles). The Bristol show was then the first time the whole ``album'' was performed.

(``Album'' in quotes because early performances were substantially different from DSotM as it was eventually recorded and released. Early renditions of _Dark Side_ had a jam version of ``On the Run'' instead of the synthesizer piece, a slower version of ``Time,'' and a vocal-less, organ-based ``Great Gig in the Sky'' with a tape of preachers running in the background.)

"Set lists"

Almost all 1972 shows had the following set list: Set 1: Dark Side of the Moon Set 2: One of these Days, Careful, Echoes Encore: A Saucerful of Secrets or Set The Controls, and sometimes a blues jam as an extra encore.

Song order occasionally varied (echoes as an encore, DSOTM as second set)

The 1973 shows were roughly using the following set list: Set 1: OBC/When You're In; StCftHotS; CWTA,E; Echoes Set 2: DSOTM Encore: OOTD

The first few shows of march had Childhoods End instead of Set The Controls, Set list for the first few shows also varied a little (Echoes as opener, no StCftHotS).

On 4nov73 Pink Floyd performed 2 concerts for the Robert Wyatt benefit at the Rainbow Theatre in London (supported by The Soft Machine) and played DSOTM OBC/WYI.

"Roland Petit Ballet"

The Floyd performed a handful of concerts accompanying the Roland Petit Ballet (22-26nov72, 13,14jan and 3,4feb73 and 15jan - 28jan73 (audio playback only).

The Ballet was performed in 3 sections, the first 2 were based on classical music, the 3rd section was The Pink Floyd ballet. A ballet in 4 movements:

        - One Of These Days
        - Careful, with that axe, Eugene
        - OBC/WYI
        - Echoes