CD-R How-To

The Echoes FAQ is *NOT* the place to look for technical information about CD-Rs. The best and most accurate information about CD-Rs can be found at Please look there before asking any CD-R related questions on Echoes.

"Disk at once/Track at once"

Before you start trading CD-Rs, make sure you can burn music CDs with DAO. If you do not know what DAO means, see the above mentioned URL for details.

"Converting tapes/MD/DAT/LP to CD-R"

Yes, you can convert tapes, MDs, DATs, LPs, reel to reel tapes, etc, to CDR. You do need to have the right hardware and software, and a lo of time to learn how to do it properly. At the risk of repeating myself, the Echoes FAQ is not the place to look for this kind of information, see the above mentioned URL for full details.