Einige nützliche Abkürzungen

In den FAQ und im WWW gibt es ziemlich viele Abkürzungen. Wir sind faule Leute und wollen nicht mehr schreiben, als wir müssen. Hier werden einige Abkürzungen erklärt:

Alben: Fanzines:

        PatGoD: Piper At The Gates Of Dawn    TAP : The Amazing Pudding
        ASoS  : A Saucerful Of Secrets        BD  : Brain Damage
        AHM   : Atom Heart Mother             TAC : The Azimuth Coordinator
        OBC   : Obscured By Clouds
        ANP   : A Nice Pair
        DSotM : Dark Side Of The Moon
        WYWH  : Wish You Were Here
        TFC   : The Final Cut
        P&CoHH: The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
        +-oHH : The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
        WtWB  : When The Wind Blows
        AMLoR : A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (sometimes MLoR)
        DSoT  : Delicate Sound of Thunder
        ATD   : Amused to Death
        TDB   : The Division Bell
        P*    : p.u.l.s.e
        BC    : Broken China


        SOYCD : Shine On You Crazy Diamond (SOYCD -> SoYcD -> SYD)
        ABitW : Another Brick in the Wall
        OoTD  : One of These Days (I'm Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces)
        RLH   : Run Like Hell                       CBtL  : Coming Back to Life
        TGGitS: The Great Gig in the Sky        StCftHotS : Set the Controls...
        BtBBH : Bring the Boys Back Home            OtTA  : On the Turning Away

Allgemeine WWW-Abkürzungen: (Ich denke, eine Übersetzung ins Deutsche erübrigt sich)

        BTW   : by the way
        IMHO  : In my humble opinion
                (IMNSHO = "...not so humble opinion")
        ROIO  : Recording Of Illegitimate Origin--concert tape, studio outtake,
        oreo  : bastardization of RoIO (hence also "cookie")
            &c: Et Cetera ("and so on")
        LOL   : expressions of fun (Laughing Out Loud, Rolling On The Floor
                Laughing (My Ass Off).
        ttfn  : originally from Tigger, Winnie The Pooh's friend
                tah tah, for now.
        COD   : Crusty Old Dinosaur, depending on who you ask, this either means
                someone who is old, or some who has been a Floyd fan for a
                long time (before DSOTM was released) or anyone who was
                on Echoes when the term COD was first coined.

Alle anderen sollten durch den Kontext hoffentlich verständlich sein.