The Glory Tours

The 1970-1971 tours were the last tours where the band allowed themselves a bit more freedom on the set lists they played.

"early 1970"

The early 1970 tours were the last tours without a more or less standard set list for all shows, and as a result show some rarely played songs.

Sadly only 3 shows (18jan1970 Croydon, 23jan70 Paris (radio broadcast) and 11feb70) have surfaced of the first 2 months of 1970, all of which are worth checking out for the rarity of some of the performed songs (Sysyphus, main them from More, the violent sequence).

Starting with the European tour (march 1970) the set lists started converging to a more or less standard set of songs, though variation in both songs and song order was still common.

"Rest of 1970"

The (common) set list for the 1970 shows was:

    AD, GitC/Axe, Cymbaline, ASOS, StCftHotS, AHM, IO

Though song order changed, and not all songs were always performed.

The Embryo was later added to the set list.

Starting with the American tour (26sep70 and onward) IO was dropped from the set list and replaced with Fat Old Sun.

The North American tour was called Atom Heart Mother world tour (26sep70 to 23oct70) the tour of the UK (11-22dec70) was referred to as Atom Heart Mother goes on the road.

The 1970 shows feature a number of shows during which AHM was performed with band and orchestra, to whit:

        - 27jun70, Bath 
        - 16jul70, BBC radio 
        - 18jul70, Hyde Park
        - 27sep70, New York
        - 21oct70, San Francisco
        - 23oct70, Santa Monica
        - 18dec70, Birmingham
        - 20dec70, Bristol
        - 21dec70, Manchester
        - 22dec70, Sheffield

"The Librest Spacement Monitor"

A Title given by an (apparently) heard-of-hearing person to the track Embryo on the Pictures of Pink Floyd ROIO (most likely taken from a Nov 1970 show, and not the Royal Albert Hall as suggested on the ROIO itself). Before the Embryo is an improvisational jam (sometimes referred to as Corrosion) at the end of which there is Pictish ranting, during which Roger introduces Mr. Nicholas Mason on drums. While it may seem unlikely for anyone to mishear this, if you have actually heard this RoIO (as we have) it's not too unlikely.

"Early 1971"

Also in 1971 a number of performances included a full brass and choir on AHM, to whit:

        - 17jan71, London
        - 24feb71, Munich
        - 25feb71, Hamburg
        - 26feb71, Offenbach
        -  3apr71, Rotterdam
        - 12jun71, Lyon
        -  1jul71, Ossiach (which is in Austria, not West Germany)
        - 18sep71, Montreux
        - 19sep71, Montreux

[both this list and the previous one courtesy of the PF Encyclopedia and In The Flesh ]

Set lists for these show was more or less the same as the late 1970 shows. Green Is The Colour was dropped from the set lists, A blues jam (often called Blues, Pink Blues or Blues Jam by imaginative ROIO makers) was occasionally performed and after 22apr71 Echoes (under its working title Return Of The Son Of Nothing) was added, resulting in a set list like:

    Careful, FOS,The Embryo, Echoes, StCftHotS,Cymbaline, ASOS, AD, Blues.