Ten thousands of inspired Fans watched the live performance of  "The Wall" in 1980/81. 

You didn't?

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What's this all about? 


In February 2003 Felix Untersteiner asked the German Pink Floyd - newsgroup "z-netz.alt.musik.pink-floyd", what happened to the film-material, which was taken in 1980 during the live performances of THE WALL. The band had dropped plans of a publication at that time, after the material had been evaluated as too dark. 
With today's advanced techniques for editing, Felix meant, it should be possible to produce a sufficient quality and to publish the movie of the Show on DVD. The main thing of course would have to be a demonstration to the management of Pink Floyd, to show the large interest in such a publication and exactly this is, what your participation is for.
Felix persuaded another user of the group, Franz Hendricks (alias "Bruder Franziskus"), to support the action and what you see here now is the result of the work.

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What is the petition's text? 
There is a text in English and in German, and you can read it at petitiononline, too. This is the English version: 
One of the most magnificent events in the history of the rock-group
Pink Floyd was the live performance of "The Wall" which took place
at great expense at only a few places in the years 1980/81.

There are complete films of these shows which have not been
published until today because the group's members
did not think the quality was good enough. We believe that a
worthwhile and monumental document could be produced with the
technology now available for editing movies. Moreover, there are
thousands of Pink Floyd fans all over the world who only know about 
this event from hearsay, and who would be happy to watch the over 
twenty-year old performance themselves.

The undersigned, by adding their signatures to this petition, wish to
demonstrate how great the interest in a DVD "The Wall performed Live" 
is and they ask those holding the rights to the film material
to release it to the public as soon as possible.
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Franz Hendricks (Germany)
Felix Untersteiner (Austria)
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